Frequently Asked Question’s

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1. How do I book for domestic cleaning?

Answer: Follow the 3 easy steps.
On the home page “Click a Clean” which will take you to the bookings page. Select the number of rooms, bathrooms and extra cleaning you want. Then select the date and times. There will be a summary of your bookings displayed on the right hand side of your screen. Estimated hours will be calculated based on your selection to give you an idea of the hours needed to clean. Hours in excess of 8hrs will need to be booked for another date and time convenient for you. Proceed to the payment process, choose your payment method and confirm. A customer services representative will then contact you with further details.

2. How will I know which cleaner will come to service me?

Answer: A company representative will contact you immediately to confirm your booking, location and the profile of the domestic cleaner.

3. Do I need to have my own chemicals?

Answer: We will bring it along provided you choose the option when doing your bookings.

4. What if I have my own chemicals?

Answer: No problem we will then use your chemicals and not bring ours along. Remember to leave them out for the cleaner. Please make sure you have the necessary cleaning chemicals eg. multipurpose cleaner, floor cleaner,window cleaner, oven cleaner, disinfectant for toilets.

5: What if I only want extra cleaning?

Answer: Then only choose the extra cleaning option on the bookings and only pay the minimum fee.

6: What does the standard cleaning cover?

Answer: It covers the basic cleaning vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, dishes, wiping surfaces, making up beds, cleaning bathrooms, toilets.

7: Do I need to supply cleaning equipment?

Answer: If vacuuming and mopping is required you would need to supply a mop and vacuum cleaner that is in a good working condition.

8. How can I change my bookings?

Answer: Go to “My Bookings” on the booking page, put in you login details, choose the appointment booking you want to change and go in and edit your booking.

9: Can we pay staff directly in cash?

Answer: No, all payments are done online, no payment is to be given to any staff member.

10: Do I have to give the cleaner food?
Answer: No. The cleaner will bring their own lunch. We would appreciate if you could provide maximum two cups of coffee or tea for the day.

11: Can I leave a cleaner at home by themselves and will they know what to do?
Answer: Our cleaners are professional and trained. They are equipped to do the work. We do recommend that you leave a duty list, show them where the cleaning equipment & cleaning chemicals are stored.

12: Can I request the same cleaner?

Answer: Yes please indicate this in the comment section.

13: Is the payment method safe?

Answer: Yes we use the Pay Fast method and we have SSL certification to secure client information and banking details.

14: Can I book multiple cleans at one time for different dates?

Answer: Unfortunately not. You would have to book each clean separately for the different dates.

15. Where can I get a copy of my invoice?

Answer: Go to “My Bookings” on the bookings page and put in your login details then click on the invoice option you searcing for.

16. What if I forgot my password?

Answer: Click on “Forgot Password” on the bookings page after which an automated response will be sent via your email you used to login in with originally. Follow the instructions in the link on your email and set a new password.

17. What if I’m not happy with the cleaning service?

Answer: Please contact our office immediately by sending an email to or call us on (021)4018737. A Customer service respresentative will respond to your query.

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